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It all started when I turned 16 years old. I loved in Valencia, Venezuela with my parents and my two little brothers.We lived in an apartment complex where we had lived all our lives. Since, the first day I was born until today, I had lived in a country where the same type of horrible people has been in charge. The type of people that can manage to manipulate everyone and starts making changes little by little to change one of the best country’s in the world, to one of the worst ones. This people are called the Chavustas. At first of course, since I was just a little kid I didn’t really realize how bad the situation was. I was just a happy kid living its childhood to the fullest. However, as I grew older it all started to hit me. I started to realize all the struggles my family and all the people of the country had to pass through. The worst part was, everyday it got worse and worse. The insecurity was incredible high, to a point where going out at night was a risk, people needed to do lines of 4 to 6 hours to be able to get one item of food, the inflation grew everyday more and more making it almost impossible to work. Instead of working for growing, we were working to survive. In the meantime, the Chavustas where enjoying their life’s stealing from everyone and everything, doing whatever they pleased, not respecting any kind of law the country had. They had turned the government into a scam of manipulation and bribery. Of course, this, made a huge group of people to immigrate the country to a place where they can live a normal life. Even though, a lot of people loved their country and didn’t want to move from here. If you asked me, I wanted to get out of there. Not because I didn’t loved my country, but because I wanted to experience a different life style and have more opportunities. So, one day I was online and I heard about the Infinity Knights. It all started from there. Their goal was to make every place a safe and happy place to live. One of their missions was Venezuela. I immediately enlisted. After a 3 month background check, they accepted me. However, I need to be willing to accepted them as well. Since the job was not as easy as it looked. You had to be able to manage a series of different jobs such as being a doctor, pilot, security guard, and even captain. The ship was all about teamwork and leadership. Everyone had to have a leadership attitude and be able to manage different tasks throughout the mission. After thinking about it, I accepted. The good thing was, that while I was on duty they gave my family a home in the U.S where they could live, maintain themselves, and live a normal life. By the time all this happen, I had already turned 17 years old. I knew I was still to young to be fighting for the infinity knights, but something inside of me told me I was ready. I, with all my heart wanted to fight the Chavustas and turned my country into what it was when my parents where young. Venezuela is already the best country in the world, it just needs a little polishing. Also, if the infinity Knights themselves accepted me, it had to be for a reason right? However the process was not as easy as it sounds. After they accepted me I had to travel to Australia where I would have a training of about two months.  Also, that way hey would see in which field I’m the best at, so when I mint he mission that would be area where I would focused most of my time too; Even though, I need to be cautious of everything and everyone around the ship. Is all about teamwork, that concept is something they enforced you quite a lot during training. At the beginning though I was not going to be able to complete the whole two months, however I did it. I’m not going to say it was easy, because it was not, but if you work hard and you set a goal to yourself you will make it. Some of the things I had to pass through were, spending two whole days without eating or drinking anything else but water, being able to hold my breath for one entire minute, learning how defend myself and being able to fight back, and even trying to survive in the forest alone for the whole days. Of course, for every single one of this challenges they had to prepared me and trained me according to the circumstances. Now, there were two things I’ve kept thinking about while I was in Australia for two months. How was my family doing without me in country where the number one key to survive is to stay together, and the second things is (this one had me very concerned) that ,if they make me do this impossible types of training, what would I encountered while I’m fighting in the ship with the infinity knights. After I finished my training, I went back to Venezuela, to spend some time with my family before I went to the mission. I was had the option to choose up until one month with them, and of course I chose one whole month. While I was with my family that month I talked a lot with them about into which direction the country was going and about the mission. My parents were the happiest about me going into the mission, but they were not mad either. They knew I was going for a good cause, and that it was better for me to be there than here, since I could experience a different type of life and have more opportunities coming my way. Also, it would give them and my brothers nee opportunities as well, since they are going to be living in the U.S while I’m on duty. That way they can manage to find a way to stay there permanent, or at least until the country recovers completely. I was going to be on duty with the Infinity Knights for two years. In that two years I promised myself that me and my team will take out the Chavustas and turned the country back in shape. I will be open to extend my years on duty, until we managed to end this monarchy of horrible people out of power. Until then, Infinity Knights out.

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