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Basic Data

  • Distance- 15,000 light years from earth

  • Average Year- 500 days

  • Average Day-1. 1307 earth days 

  • Size- 69 km

  • Gravity- 3G

  • Distinctions- The planet besides its beautiful landscapes, its perfect for family and friends since it has a very friendly environment. The medication has reached a level so high, that the only way for a citizen to die is by a natural cause


The inhabitants from the planets are humans from origin of the earth. Life in the planet started when people on earth decided that instead to immigrate a variety of people to Mars, it was easier to move them to Nocoma, since the environment was more friendly and easier to inhabit. Even though it was a one-way trip, due to its large distance a long and happy life was guaranteed. From there the planet started to developed to what it is today. The only disadvantage of the planet, one could say it’s the distance, since because of this they are not able to trade with any planet, because all the planet they have nearby are inhabited. Due to the reason that the inhabitants come from earth, the cultures and the way of life they lived is not as different as of the people living in earth. However, it does have its differences since the technology the people in the planet have developed is quite more advanced that the one on earth. The people have transformed the planet into what some people might described as magical. It has everything earth has, but better and improved. Just imagine being able to have friends all around the globe and being able to go visit them any time you want. This only happen of course with the power to teleport which everyone has insert inside their phones. Pretty amazing if you ask me. The best part all the people in the planet have been taught to solve problems in a peaceful, but the same time productive way. So it is very unlikely to a war to happen.

Biomes & Ecosystems

In Nocoma there are mostly two common biomes. Half the year the biome is tropical the other half is tundra (cold). The ecosystem in the planet is very diverse. Is rich in animal and green life. When people from earth immigrated they brought animals as well. We have animals from the tropic and from the arctic.  We made this possible with new technology developed to adapt each animal to their corresponding environment. Same thing applies with all the green life. Also the soil is very rich. The country has a large supply of rivers, oceans, and volcanos. Due to its rich diversity, people have taken advantage of this in any possible way they can. Besides nature being one of the biggest economical “helper” in the planet it is also very resourceful when it comes to inventing new technological advances, such as the flying car for example. Something humans were just able to imagine in movies. Also because of the amount of diversity we have in the ecosystem, they    are able to find a series of jobs by maintaining this wonderful ecosystem. Due to the fact that the people’s origin is from earth, we still maintain contact with the planet by satellite (since due to distance is the only way of communication). Finally there is one major breakthrough we have had due to our advanced technology and diverse ecosystem. A new plant was created by our biologist. A unique plant, that can only be found in Nocoma and can grow even higher than a tree.

Creatures and Plants

In Nocoma we have the capacity to have a big and diverse groups of animals and plants. The planet itself  is prepared to have basically any type of animal no matter where they come from. The planet encourages to have as many plants and animals as possible, due to the fact that this way the planet never stops the process of growing its ecosystem and also even its economy. Also we encouraged every citizen or family group to have a pet in their home. Now the reason we are able to have animals from every part of the glazy is because of our technological advances. We have sections with different types of climates and environments in general, due to a machine that simulates it. We have sections for every type of species and plant. Depending on the species we placed them in their corresponding environment. Nocoma has the typical animals and plants earth has, such as the dog, cat, wolf, bear. However, we also have new species that originated in the planet specifically when people immigrated to the planet. Such as, the ratza, the picachu, the todd, etc. This were one of the many new species born in the planet. However there behavior is pretty much the same as the others species we all have know since the beginning.


The people of Nocoma have the right to believe in the religion of their taste. However, the planet itself does not have any religion. The reason for this is that when the fist people immigrated to this planet, they wanted a place where peace and happiness was their main goal, and adding religion in there was more of a problem than a solution. Due to this there are no public churches or mosques. However, still a portion of the citizens believe in their own religion, which is about 30%. For this group of people the government allows them to have their own church/mosque in their house, also if requested the government may or may not give them the money to build it (depending on the budget of the project). Throughout all the years this planet has lived there still has not been any type of disruption or complains about the issue of religion. Based on a study made by the researchers in the planet, this 30% of religious people are mostly Catholics, even though there are some Muslim too. The government in the planet is very open minded, and allows any type of religious events or parades the citizens wants to organized, however, they they have to be able to have the finical capacity, since the governments does not get involved in any way in this type of party’s. If you think about it, is a win win situation. No one gets in the business of the other, that way everyone is happy.


The language of the of the planet Mocoma is generally Spanish, since when the first immigrants came they were Spanish speaking people. Generally, most of them came from Venezuela, but, some came from Argentina as well. However, the schools encourage their students to speak English as well, asking half of the classes English speaking and the other half Spanish speaking. That is why at least half of the population is bilingual. The planet encourages people to speak as many languages as possible, since they think it makes them more open minded and a more productive person when it comes the time to work and start making a life of your own. Most of the industries required their employees to speak both Spanish and English, since even though tourism is not a thing, there are a lot of new immigrants coming from American speaking countries. Which is why everyday more and more people are seeing speaking English. Is going to get to a point where both Spanish and English become the main speaking language of the planet. Despite all of this the government would still be using Spanish as their main language, to basically preserved the language and honor the first immigrants that gave life to this whole planet.  The language of the planet is the base for everything that goes on every day in the life of every single one of the citizens. One of the main  things on why the planet has kept their peace for so long, is the freedom of speech every citizen has. To be able to communicate their thoughts in the way they pleased, and be able to express them comfortably in the language they want.


As was said before, the technology in the planet has reached a level that no one ever expected. The people inhabiting the planet found a massive potential in the planet, that allowed them to have maybe one of the highest technologies in the whole galaxy. Due to this we have many achievements in many fields. For example, in the medicine, we were able to make every single citizen to die only by natural cause, since our most advanced scientist were able to find a cure for every disease ever found, including cancer.This was possible due to a raw material found in Nocoma’s soil called ellypsier. Other technological advances was the ability to teleport anywhere inside of the planet.This even though it sounds impossible is one of the first things our scientist was able to figure out.  By placing “Teleport signals” all around the planet and installing something similar inside each intelligent device, such as a phone. Thus way just by clicking a bottom and choosing a location in your phone you can go anywhere inside the planet. However, scientists are trying to do the same thing, by going outside the planet, but due to the problem of distance, the plan is becoming kind of impossible. Also the simulator, that was able to be built for animals and pants of any kind of environments could live inside the planet. This made the ecosystem of the planet one of the most diverse, simulating a habitable environment for animals from hot to cold environments.


The government in the plane Nocoma was founded, as soon as the first immigrants arrived. They created the government that today is called the government of trust, which before however, was called the united government. When the government was founded they stated two main goal that till today they are kept the same, which are to spread happiness and peace all around the planet This two words are what have become the two main principals of the planet itself. One of the things the government has always done is not get involved in issues that don’t really relate to them in any way, for example religion. They have always been very open minded allowing freedom of speech, religion, sexuality, etc. At first the government was a monarchy, but later on as the years passed and the planet started to become more populate it changed into a democracy. Elections happen every three years, however a president cannot be re-elected right away, since they have to wait for the next election to be able to run again. Currently they president is named Elias Habibi Abdo. There are a lot of opinion about Mr. Habibi but most of the people say he has done a good job. One of his major achievements was to increase the low population of the planet, by advertisement and improving the planet itself. Even though like in every democracy some people don’t like him, he has had a good presidency in general. His down to his last year, and the future election is predicted to happen in October of the next year.

Economy & Trade 

The economy of the planet Nocoma is mostly driven by natural resources. Is driven by their consuming and production of their own people. The reason the country does not do any kind of trading is mainly because of their location in space, since they are so far away from all the “active” or inhabitable planets, trading with them would take a really long process that would not be that productive and profitable. However, due the natural resources and the high amount of productivity in the planet the economy of the planet is always stable. Due to our diverse ecosystem a lot of jobs are available and a lot of consuming occurs. The most valuable resource we have would mostly be coal. Besides being the most used fossil fuel in the planet, is also one of the bestselling business in the planet, since most of the factories used it daily. A big amount of the city is maintained by the taxes. Most of the population of the planet gains a fair amount of money to be able to support a family group. Due to this and all the other factors, all the production and consumption of the planet maintains a stable economy for the country. The only kind of trade we do is sell the software of tele transportation to earth by satellite, and then earth sells this software to other people and they pay us interests. Just like this kind of trade we look forward to do this in the future with other pieces of technology as well.

Art & Music 

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